Drive Through Dining

The other day, my wife and I were driving over to see her parents and
noticed that one of the restaurants on the way had a large sign saying
“Drive through now open”. Not all that strange, however, the
restaurant was an “all you can eat” place. Immediately my mind went
to “How are they going to do that?” I imagined cars driving through
and picking up the food, then parking in the parking lot. After finishing, do
they get back in the drive through line and order the next round? Round and
round they go, when they stop, nobody knows.

I understand that they’ve probably reworked their menu so that it’s more conventional and not all you can eat anymore. But still, it gives you pause to think about how times have changed with the challenges of the Corona virus. Businesses have to adapt to new ways of doing what they do. We’ve seen car manufacturers modifying assembly lines to build ventilators and people getting together to sew reusable masks for health care workers. America at it’s best.

I think one major thing that sets us aside from most other countries is our
ability to laugh in the face of trials. We have a sense of humor. Just look at
some of the posts on Facebook. I don’t want to make light of something this
serious, but given a choice of fear or humor, I vote for humor. I had to laugh
at the news the other day after the mayor of Denver decided to close liquor
stores and pot shops. Within fifteen minutes there were long lines of people
clustered together trying to get in those stores before they had to close.
Forget social distancing – I’ve got to get my alcohol and dope.

What oddities have you noticed over the past few weeks? What has made you smile, or laugh? How can you use humor to help friends and families deal with social distancing, empty shelves at stores, and shelter in place orders?

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